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From Animal Doc to Food Safety Consultant: Dr. Hull-Jackson Shares Career Insights

An aspiring food safety professional recently interviewed Dr. Carol Hull-Jackson, founder of Hullson Consulting. Here, Dr. Hull-Jackson shares her journey and offers valuable advice for those looking to break into the field!

Finding Your Niche in Food Safety

Dr. Hull-Jackson’s career path is a testament to the power of following your passion. Starting as a veterinarian, her desire to bridge the gap between animal and human health led her to explore Veterinary Public Health and ultimately, food safety. This journey highlights the importance of identifying your interests and seeking opportunities that combine them.

Building Authority: A Continuous Process

Becoming a recognized expert requires a two-pronged attack: self-improvement and strategic marketing. Hone your core strengths, which encompass not just technical skills, but also your personality and diverse experiences. Then, actively seek out opportunities to showcase your expertise.

Perseverance Pays Off: Unconventional Backgrounds Welcome

Dr. Hull-Jackson emphasizes perseverance as a key ingredient for success. While some think that a veterinary background might seem far removed from food safety, it equipped her with valuable transferable skills. Look for ways to leverage your existing skillset and consider specializing in a niche area within food safety.

Lifelong Learning is Essential

The food safety landscape constantly evolves. Professional development is crucial. Attending courses, webinars, and conferences is important for staying updated on emerging trends like novel foods, food security, sustainability, and food law.

Embrace Setbacks, Leverage Your Experiences

Dr. Hull-Jackson reminds us that diverse experiences are assets, not liabilities. Don’t underestimate the transferable skills you’ve acquired throughout your career. Embrace setbacks as valuable learning experiences that build resilience and adaptability.

Choosing Clients for a Fulfilling Career

As a consultant, you have the autonomy to choose your clients. Prioritize those who value your expertise and align with your overall goals.

Finding Motivation:

Draw inspiration from your faith and a strong belief system. Setting ambitious goals and maintaining a positive outlook are crucial for overcoming setbacks and navigating periods with limited work opportunities.

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