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Prerequisite Programs and Sanitation SOPs

Prerequisite Programs are the foundation of a robust Food safety management system. In the United States, “Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures” are regarded as one of the HACCP PRPs and refers to the SOPs for sanitation that are mandated by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (21 CFR part 178.1010 and 9 CFR part 416).

Trainer: Carol Hull-Jackson (DVM, MPhil, PhD)
Director, Food safety consultant, Microbiologist, Lecturer & Trainer


To offer more comprehensive information and specifics on prerequisite
programmes. This longer-term training will give the industry a foundation
upon which to build its food safety programmes. To assist facilities in meeting
the requirements of the Pathogen Reduction/HACCP Regulation.

Who Is This Course for:

  • Food producers
  • Food manufacturers
  • Food science and food safety professionals
  • Students of food science
  • Staff involved in writing and carrying out standard operating procedures
  • Quality control and Food Safety managers

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Food Safety, Food microbiology, PRPs, SSOPs, HACCP and other relevant terms.
  • Describe the microorganisms important in Food Microbiology, common foodborne illnesses and food safety practices which prevent foodborne illness.
  • Describe the factors that affect microbial growth.
  • Review the five preliminary steps and seven principles of HACCP.
  • Review Prerequisite Programs.
  • Describe how to develop and write SOPs and Sanitation SOPs
  • Discuss the verification of Prerequisite Programs and SSOPs and Regulatory requirements.

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Course Outline

  • Overview of Food Microbiology, Contamination, Foodborne Illness, and Food Safety
    • Definitions
    • Basic Food Microbiology, Contamination,  Foodborne Illness, Food Safety
  • Factors Affecting Microbial Growth, Food Safety Management and HACCP
    • The Five Preliminary Steps of HACCP, The Seven HACCP Principles
  • Prerequisite Programs and SOPs, and Sanitation SOPs
    • Prerequisite Programs, SOPs and Sanitation SOPs, How to write SSOPs, Identify Environmental Monitoring Activities
  • Final Test
    • Prerequisite Programs and Sanitation SOPs – Final Test